Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I woke up sad today

Im feeling alot better now. Last week I woke up sad, for no reason. This happens sometimes, my depression arrives when I least expect it. I didnt have the energy to fight it, so I sat in it and let it happen. My saving grace is the people around me. Who, even though worry, know its just something that happens. They treat me with such kindness and care. Which makes me very lucky that I have a support network around me. I wrote this briefly, maybe if I had more energy, I could go into more detail but thats literally how I was feeling that day. Love to anyone battling the black dog xo

"I woke up sad today.

No particular reason.

Maybe Im tired?

I dont understand.

I have been doing alot lately.

But no more then a normal person

I havent been eating properly either.

But everything hurts.

The kettle is so heavy to lift.

I dont have energy to make a proper meal.

Or the want to leave the house and face people.

So I have toast. My go to.

I should drink water.

I should go for a walk.

But I cant.

I have brain fog.

Ask me a simple question that I cant answer.

What do you want for dinner?



I know this feeling wont last.

I will feel better tomorrow,


I woke up sad today."

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